Aloha friends and family,
I just wanted to say mahalo to those of you who have reached out to mom & us to provide your love and support! Especially, her NHCH ohana including Kim & Marty for bringing the prayer blanket over from the big island. The minute we gave mom the blanket she opened her eyes so wide and I could really feel the room fill with uplifting energy, light, and love!!

She had her 4th surgery today to debride her wounds and is resting now. I’m so proud of her and how she continues to overcome all the obstacles which come her way!
Please continue to pray for her and send out good thoughts and well wishes to the universe.
Her Ohana


One thought on “Update: 9/22

  1. Faith! We are all pulling for you! Your light and energy are a positive force. I hope to give you some energy to pull through this. You are tough and strong. Thank you for touching so many lives, now look within and pool your inner strength. 🙏🏻


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