From the Faith Kalei-Imaizumi GoFundMe page

The Kalei Ohana would like to share this update on Aunty Faith:
Aunty Faith has had a rough few days. There is an infection that is not allowing her leg to heal and it caused her artery to burst. This had her rushed into operation to repair it. Although it was repaired, it is only temporary before it gives again and the next time she may not be as lucky. The family had talked to many doctors of different specialized areas and the conclusion is that her leg cannot be saved. Her family is asking for all your prayers and love when Aunty Faith enters the operating room at 12 noon today to amputate her left leg. She will still have to fight off infections but this will give her a better chance to heal quicker. The family truly believes that all the love and prayers from everyone is keeping Aunty Faith fighting for her life. She feel everyone of you.
Please bless the doctors as they operate and give them the knowledge and support to help heal her body, mind and spirit.
Give strength to Trace, Hope Kalei Nahaku Kalei and Uncle Paul and let them feel your love as well as everyone’s support for Aunty Faith Kalei-Imaizumi.
We love you guys!!!! #wegotfaith


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