Love Through All

Aloha e We Got Faith ohana~
Each day Mom continues to amaze us with her determined spirit and #MillimeterMiracles. Yesterday Kaimana and Jenna brought her a special friend, Kohu boy. For someone who has actions constantly done to her, it must have been incredibly liberating to provide love and comfort outwards. Mom and Kohu spent some great time together and even shared a snooze.
We are also very proud to say that Faith has earned the opportunity to attend the only, and highly selective, advanced rehabilitation facility in Hawaii. We are now gearing up to leave Queens.
We would not be here without your love and support. The collective healing thoughts and positive projections for her future continue to manifest this beautiful destiny.
From our ohana to you and yours, mahalo nui loa mau a mau.


2 thoughts on “Miracles – Update October 31

  1. Greetings. Was Faith moved to Rehab Hospital of the Pacific? I’m the paramedic that took care of her at D.T. Fleming’s beach park. I tried to check in on her yesterday (1/20) after a meeting at Rehab, but they did not show her as a patient. I hope that she is continuing to make progress. Best wishes. –David


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