Miracles – Update October 31

Love Through All

Aloha e We Got Faith ohana~
Each day Mom continues to amaze us with her determined spirit and #MillimeterMiracles. Yesterday Kaimana and Jenna brought her a special friend, Kohu boy. For someone who has actions constantly done to her, it must have been incredibly liberating to provide love and comfort outwards. Mom and Kohu spent some great time together and even shared a snooze.
We are also very proud to say that Faith has earned the opportunity to attend the only, and highly selective, advanced rehabilitation facility in Hawaii. We are now gearing up to leave Queens.
We would not be here without your love and support. The collective healing thoughts and positive projections for her future continue to manifest this beautiful destiny.
From our ohana to you and yours, mahalo nui loa mau a mau.


Update 10/15 – She Speaks!

Excellent News!

For those of you who have visited Mom, you know that in addition to her external wounds, she sustained traumatic brain injuries due to the amount of blood she lost, causing her to have very little control over her limbs. Doctors told us her chances of recovery are extremely slim. Some days just having her focus on your face was a blessing. She couldn’t talk or respond to verbal requests like ‘squeeze my hand’. Often she slept the entire day.
However, over the last week, her eyes became more alert and clear. She was still resting a lot and wasn’t able to focus for long, but when she did she really seemed to SEE you.

We are ECSTATIC to share that today, for the very first time since her injury, Mom SPOKE!

Here’s the scene: An occupational therapist came in to work with Mom’s hands and arms to help keep her mobility. The therapist asked her if it was OK to stretch her fingers, and Mom, looking directly at the therapist, nodded and mouthed the word “Yes”
Even with a trech in her throat, blocking her vocal chords, Mom pushed air out her lungs and verbalized both her desire, and her comprehension of the request.
What a sign! What a great relief of weight!
You and I, and the entire We Got Faith family KNEW she could do this, and today she burst through unimaginable barriers to do it!

Update 10/5 from the GoFundMe page

Aloha Ohana,

Today was another good day. For about a week now Mom’s been on the lowest ventilator assistance setting, then for the last 2 days she didn’t use the ventilator during the day, and only had its assistance at night. Today is her first 24hrs completely off the ventilator
The surgeons are pleased with the healing of Mom’s left hip socket (amputation area), and her right leg injuries show the pink of healthy tissue regrowth.
She is still receiving heavy doses of pain medications that weave her in and out of wakefulness, but that is completely fine with us, she will come back to us when the time is right.
Love you guys, mahalo for your continued pule for Mom, and please enjoy the (very small) words shared on the white board in Mom’s room:

Update 10/1

​Mom is recovering well from the amputation, due to everyone’s continued love and prayers, and if all holds well, she is on the road to being downgraded out of the ICU in the next week or so. As we overcome these physical hurdles, we would like to ask everyone to focus their intention on her neurological healing. Love you all❤️